13 July 2024

A Letter To My Reader,


Welcome to alfiosalvatorelanuto.xyz.


I am a public interest lawyer advancing an integrative economic justice construct empowering individual autonomy, working across the evolving continuum of the disciplines, spanning economics with computational sciences by the art of code as law. 


It is the mission I serve since commencement of professional life now entered upon a fifth decade comprising business, law and public service, in revel of lifelong learning ensuing formational training in mathematical economics and law. 


Paramount among values I hold family of friendship, vital companion in virtuous life, enriched by the marvels of our natural world, the fascinating arts and sciences, the rapture that is music.


You are invited to read my writings To Dare Think, know the story Of My Course, see in my vision In The March.


Live the pursuit of peace in fervent courage. 

Onward and Upward,


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Alfio Salvatore Lanuto


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